Located near Copenhagen, Larix is one of the largest local Nordic Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and was founded in 2001 by Klaus Juel Olsen, who began as an independent statistical consultant.

Larix Growth Timeline:

2001 – Inception of Larix as a CRO offering additional services in clinical data management and biostatistics
2003 - Company expands with services in data management and additional statisticians employed
2008 – Larix becomes a full service CRO providing both resourcing and CRO solutions
2010 - Services are broadened to include pharmacovigilance
2015 – Expansion begins into Sweden, Norway, and Finland
2019 - Larix becomes a part of the ALTEN Group allowing further support in full service and resourcing solutions for sponsors

Today, the partnership of Larix and Cmed, within the AIXIAL Group enables greater support for sponsors around the globe through extensive geographical coverage, greater depth of expertise and solutions, and world-wide resources no matter the trial type.